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NYC: Day One


As promised, I’m going to begin my NYC recap! Sorry for being such a lazy bum and not getting to this sooner. My bad.

First off, I don’t think I mentioned this in any of the posts leading up to my trip, but the reason I went up to NYC was for my cousin’s wedding. She lives in Manhattan, so naturally, it made sense to have the wedding where she lives, where her and her fiancé (now husband!) met, and in a city that she loves so dearly. I, personally, am very happy she had it there because it gave me an excuse to go up there! Winking smile Thanks, Jen! Love you!

Our flight was at 8:20 a.m. on Friday morning, so we had to get up pretty early to get to the airport. Needless to say, I was a little tired. I really don’t like flying. It’s not that I mind actually flying, it’s the whole waiting aspect that inevitably goes along with it…what a hassle. However, I would take sitting in an airport for a couple of hours and getting to my destination faster than sitting in a car for 18 hours. No thank you.

We flew into LaGuardia which is in Queens and waited for our shuttle to pick us up to take us to our hotel.

**Side note: If you ever go to NYC and get in any kind of vehicle, be prepared to be scared. Very, very scared. I thought I was going to die multiple times. Just saying. But for as crowded and congested as the roads are there, and as much as people don’t follow traffic laws, traffic moves remarkably well. No one really obeys any laws (FORGET about people using their blinker!), but everyone just kind of “exists” together and somehow, it works.**

We stayed in Midtown at Hotel Pennsylvania. It was an excellent location, but the hotel itself was just “meh”. It actually kinda freaked me out. The night before I left I read an article about a crazy bed bug epidemic that is sweeping the nation. Yeah, BED BUGS! Oh HELL no! I don’t do bugs…and ESPECIALLY bugs that bite. No, no, no. So of course, as soon as we checked into our room, I immediately made Ryan put our luggage in the bathroom while I proceeded to check the headboard, base boards, the mattress, the sheets, and all the other furniture. I’m one of those people who will clean their hotel bathroom and spray things with Lysol before I even take my shoes off and walk around. *NERD ALERT!* (Or maybe a germaphobe?) Anyway…long story short, no bed bugs. Thank you sweet baby Jesus!

We arrived in NYC around lunch time, so we all decided to step out and find somewhere to eat. We ended up eating at The Local, which was only a block from our hotel. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures from much of the first day. Sorry again. *Blogger fail* The food was okay but the services was dreadful. It really gave us a bad impression and we were all hoping that the rest of our stay wouldn’t be so cumbersome. Luckily, that was the only bad thing that happened while we were there! Everywhere and everyone else we met were delightful! 😀 Success!

After we ate, we decided to walk around for a bit. Our hotel was at 7th and 34th, which is right across the street from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden. It is also only about 10 (guesstimate) blocks away from Times Square so we decided we should definitely venture that way and check out everything!


From left to right: my younger brother Jake, Ryan, and my daddy-o.

This was on the way. I have no idea who this is supposed to be. All I know is that we were in the Fashion District, so it makes sense that the man is sewing something. 😀


We kept walking and ended up smack dab in the middle of Times Square! Times Square is an awesome place. Soooooooo crowded though!!! If you’re not a “people person”, or get anxious in large crowds, you might want to forego it. Also, just a little side note, no one that you see in Times Square is actually from New York – it is saturated with tourists. So if you’re thinking you’re going to see a New Yorker in their natural habitat, you most likely won’t. Winking smile



After walking around all afternoon, we were pretty hungry for dinner. We decided to eat at a little Irish pub called Langdan’s. I had a steak sandwich and a side salad. It was the BEST sandwich EVER!!!!!!!!! I also had a delicious micro beer. It was a light beer and had a hint of sweetness…I think it was apricot? Either way, it was awesome.



We all sat and chatted over dinner and before we knew it, it was 11:00 p.m. We were all exhausted from a day of traveling and walking around. My feet were HURTING! We walked back to our hotel and called it a night. I was so excited for what was in store for the other three days! See you tomorrow with NYC: Day Two recap!


Tablerock: Day Two


A few more pics from day one: The Time Capsule….(?) Strange and cool.



aaaannnnddd this:


LOL, there are no words. Things got cray, cray.

Anywho- onto DAY TWO!

On Saturday, Jason, Ryan, and their parents all went out on a guided fishing excursion in celebration of Jay, Ry, and Kent’s birthday’s. While they were out fishing all morning, Amy and I took the kids into Eureka Springs for brunch and a little sight seeing. (And maybe to let the kids wear off some of their energy Winking smile)

I absolutely ADORE Eureka Springs, AR. It is honestly one of the coolest and weirdest places I’ve ever been. It’s kind of a paradox actually.The architecture screams nineteenth and early twentieth century, but the shops and locals are a throw-back to the 1960’s. It’s really funny and I love it.

It has such a rich history as a place where only the most wealthy in society would go for health and relaxation purposes. As the name would suggest, there are so.many.springs. Natural, cool, springs that were believed to have healing powers. People would travel across the country from cities in order to be near the healing waters. Whether they actually work or not, I don’t know, but I’d like to believe there is a little magic in this world. Winking smile

Amy and I went to a local restaurant called Local Flavors. I love going to that place. The food is super yummy and they have some delicious mimosa’s and bloody mary’s. Open-mouthed smile I was in the mood for a burger, so I ordered one with a sliced avocado on top. YUM!! Riley had a delicious all-natural peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwich with sliced pears. He loved it – especially the pears! Winking smile


After we were all fed, we decided to walk around the town and sightsee.



We also had to make a mandatory stop at the ice cream shack for some froyo.



It was delicious!




LOL- Humpty Dumpty….sitting on a wall (let’s hope he doesn’t have a great fall Winking smile). I’m tellin’ ya, this town is special.


We only stayed for a little while, because we had something to do that was super duper important, so we headed home.

We had been promising the kids all morning long that we would take them out on the boat. It was too cold to get in the lake, but perfect weather for a boat ride! Open-mouthed smile








As awkward as that picture looks, trust me, it was way worse before I took this. Sarcastic smile

The kids were pretty tired after getting up early and being out on the boat, so Kent and Peggy took them back home to get them some dinner. Meanwhile, the rest of us went back out with the fishing boat to do a little early evening fishing. I got a couple bites, but didn’t catch anything. It was still a lot of fun though and incredibly relaxing to be out on the water at that time of day.



I haven’t been in a fishing boat like that before and almost fell into the water a couple times, but it was still fun. Luckily, I can swim. Winking smile Regardless, the lake was so beautiful.




Gorgeous. Unfortunately, Sunday came all too soon and we had to leave. Sad smile It was sad, but I’m excited for when we can go back in August. Open-mouthed smile

Tablerock: Day One


Riley and JJ

Greetings from Holiday Island, AR!! We all headed down to Tablerock right after work on Thursday. Ryan, Riley, Jay, Amy, their son JJ, and I all rode together. The kids did AWESOME in the car and we made excellent time.  The kids were pumped to finally get here.

The Crescent Hotel

I woke up yesterday and went for a run. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, but my run was B-R-U-T-A-L! Since we are in the Ozark Mountains, the hills were KILLER! I got back, showered, and then us girls went to get mani’s and pedi’s at the spa inside the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR. Have any of you ever been there? It’s awesome! You can read more about it here.

The Old Front Entrance to the Crescent Hotel

The Crescent sculpture outside the main entrance

Spanish-style Catholic Church looking out from the balcony

When the building was first built, it was a hotel. In 1908, Dr. Baker took it over and transformed the hotel into a hospital and “health resort”, claiming he had the cure for cancer. The pictures below are some images that still hang in the hotel.

Pictures from when Dr. Baker ran the hotel

Dr. Baker’s Hotel


Scary x 2

Creepy, huh? Needless to say, the man wasn’t an actual doctor, hundreds of people died under his “care”,  and he was finally prosecuted by the federal government for false claims that he could cure cancer. He defrauded so many people just to make a profit. You can read more of this store here. It is truly creepy.

View from the balcony

The views from the upper balconies though, are spectacular.

Balcony view

Balcony view

The hotel grounds

After we looked around the hotel for a little while, it was time for our spa appointments. Let me just say, it was ahhhh- mazin’.

Mani’s and Pedi’s at the New Moon Day Spa and Salon in the hotel

The Garden Bistro! Delicious, locally grown, organic food prepared fresh every day!

After our spa appointments, we ate lunch at The Garden Bistro. This place is delicious!

Tropical rum punch made with fresh juice! YUM!

The hummus and veggie plate! Delish!

While we were out, the boys took the kids out on the boat and had a great time! When we got back to the house, the guys went golfing and this is what happened.

The kids were tuckered out. 😉



It was an awesome day with absolutely perfect weather! See you tomorrow with more pics from our trip!

The Best of The Lou, Part 1


As you all know, I live in the St. Louis area. I love my city and I’m proud of where I come from.  St. Louis isn’t a huge city like L.A. or NYC, it doesn’t have crazy attractions like Vegas, and it’s probably not even within the first 50 or 100 cities/places that pop into people’s minds when they are thinking of places to vacation…and that’s okay because I’ll let you in on a little secret: St. Louis has a ton of stuff to offer!

Here is my first list (of many) of The Best of Lou: places to see and things to do whether you’re a first-time visitor, or if you’ve lived here all your life.

1.) Go see a Cardinal’s game!

There’s a reason why St. Louisan’s are known as “The Best Fans in Baseball”. Go check out our ten-time World Champion team! 😀


2.) The Gateway Arch

Built as a monument to westward expansion, the Gateway Arch is Missouri’s tallest accessible building. Yes, you can go all the way up to the top of that thing…cool, huh?


3.) Crown Candy Kitchen

One of St. Louis’s oldest and most popular attractions. A vintage feel with a REAL soda fountain, amazing malts, and delicious food. You’ll feel like you were transported back in time! But get there early because as soon as the doors open, there is already a line at the door. Have a milkshake for me! 😉


4.) The St. Louis Zoo

One of the nation’s leading zoological parks, the St. Louis Zoo offers a multitude of things to do and it’s one of the cities many FREE attractions!


5.) The City Museum

Don’t be fooled by the name, although we do have plenty of traditional museum’s as well, the City Museum is a playground for children, and for children at heart! 😉 One of my personal favorite things to do! The City Museum is a giant playground filled with caves, slides and climbing apparatus made from recycled and found objects.

Yes, you can actually slide down those!

 The outdoor jungle gym…SO. AWESOME!!

6.) The Botanical Garden

 79 acres of lush, beautiful landscapes featuring architecture, greenhouses, and conservatories. The St. Louis Botanical Garden is the oldest in the country. 


7.) The Delmar Loop (locals just call it “The Loop”)

This six-block entertainment and shopping district is packed with hip bars, eclectic restaurants, live music venues, vintage clothing boutiques and a Hollywood-inspired walk of fame featuring St. Louis celebrities.


8.) The Muny

The nation’s oldest and largest outdoor theater, The Muny hosts some of Broadway’s best  during the months of June – August. DEFINITELY a MUST SEE!


9.) The Hill

St. Louis’s own “Little Italy”. The Hill is littered with Italian bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores, salons, and bocce gardens. Mmm, pasta. 😉


10.) Forest Park

The site of the 1904 World’s Fair, Forest Park is one of the nations largest urban park’s. It also houses a number of other St. Louis attractions (which I will dig into in another post).

I hope after this post, St. Louis will be on your radar when you are considering your next vacation. There are certainly a lot more things to do in St. Louis, but I hope this gets you started. 😀

First Impressions…are a bitch.


Did anyone watch The Bachelorette last night?


I did. I don’t know why I even watch that show, it kinda annoys me. The bachelor/bachelorette always seems fake, and the men/women (okay, let’s be candid – contestants) are either bitchy, egotistical, over-the-top, or just plain weird.

Who could forget this gem?

Never you mind that he’s from The STL. I’m just going to pretend that’s a typo on ABC’s part.

Any way, back to your regularly scheduled programming…

It’s Ryan’s b-day next week! Exciting stuff! In celebration, Ryan, Riley, Ryan’s parents, Ryan’s brother, sister-in-law, nephew, and I are all going down to Tablerock.

Ryan’s parents have a little house in Holiday Island, AR, which is right on the GORGEOUS Tablerock Lake, nestled in the Ozark Mountains. It’s about five hours from my house, which is far enough away to feel like a mini-vacay, but close enough that we don’t have to fly.


Beautiful, isn’t it?

We are heading out Thursday evening as soon as we all get off work and coming back on Sunday. This will be the first time we are taking Riley on a semi-long road trip. I have been wracking my brain in order to determine everything we will need for the drive down: snacks, drinks, sandwich’s, DVD’s, Leap Pad, games, coloring books, etc, etc, etc. I hope I don’t forget anything.

I’ll be sure to post some amazing pics from my trip while I’m down there. I’m going to try my best to post every day because next week is going to be even more crazy! We are leaving for NYC on the 25th for a family wedding that I’m singing in!

Have a great day!


Has anyone ever been to Tablerock?

Any suggestions for what to pack when taking a little one on a road trip?

Wedding Recap Part II


Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you all had a glorious day filled with family, friends, and love! I soaked up the day with my little man. We had quite a lot of things planned: brunch with my family, late lunch with Ryan’s family, and dinner with friends (who we consider our third family).

RSCN0469                DSCN0476                DSCN0472

Riley had a great time and was surrounded by so many people that love him! Smile  We were running around all day and by the end of it, the poor little guy was tuckered out.

Here is a pic of Riley from the wedding he was in yesterday. Isn’t he just the cutest? I can’t get over it. Open-mouthed smile


As you know, Ryan and I also went to a wedding yesterday. And as promised, I’m ready to put up some pics from the reception.

We left the pub and headed to the reception around six. It was really cute, a country theme. Unfortunately, I was so preoccupied with finding our table and meeting and greeting people, that I completely forgot to snap some pics of the decorations. But take my word for it, it was darling.

The wedding party made a grand entrance. Every couple came out to a different song and were all dressed up in different costumes. Some of them were pretty darn funny!

 DSCN0361                DSCN0363                 DSCN0364

After the wedding party were all present and dinner served, the dancing began! My favorite part! I’ll let the pictures tell the story of how the night went. Enjoy! Winking smile

DSCN0444                DSCN0442               DSCN0448

“You are a dancing queen, young and sweet, only twenty-five…..” Winking smile

All in all, a fantastic night and a great time was had by all!

P.S. – If any of you are wondering where I got my dress from, I ordered it online from Dorothy Perkins.

Dorothy Perkins Coral Crochet Dress

It was between that one or a mint polka dot one (shown below), also from my beloved Dorothy Perkins.

Dorothy Perkins Mint 50's Dotty Dress

Have a wonderful night!



Breakfast today was a different take on the usual. I ALWAYS eat eggs in the morning. Partly because I love eggs, and partly because my parents get fresh eggs from a friend of theirs that has chickens, and they will bring four dozen at a time to my house once a week.

I used last night’s turkey, beans, tomato, and kale mixture, heated it up in a skillet and added an egg that I scrambled.


I don’t know if you can really see it, but there were two yolks in the one egg that I cracked. I don’t know if it is because they are fresh eggs from organic, free-range chickens, but this is probably the fourth time I have cracked an egg and there have been two yolks in it. Strange…

Once I was sure the egg was cooked, I took my Ezekiel tortilla and smeared a tablespoon of guacamole on it. Ezekial tortilla’s (or anything in the Ezekial product line) are delicious. They are flourless and they are also a complete protein. Since they are made with sprouted grains, which are more easily digested, they pack a nutritional punch.


I then took the egg/turkey mixture and put it inside the tortilla and rolled it up. Mmmm….it was soo good! Completely satisfying and just what I wanted this morning!


After I finished eating, I packed up my snacks and lunch and headed off to work! Smile

DSCN0250                               DSCN0251                                     DSCN0252

After work I went and picked up my little man….I mean, my little Batman. Winking smile


Have a great night!