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Tablerock: Day One


Riley and JJ

Greetings from Holiday Island, AR!! We all headed down to Tablerock right after work on Thursday. Ryan, Riley, Jay, Amy, their son JJ, and I all rode together. The kids did AWESOME in the car and we made excellent time.  The kids were pumped to finally get here.

The Crescent Hotel

I woke up yesterday and went for a run. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, but my run was B-R-U-T-A-L! Since we are in the Ozark Mountains, the hills were KILLER! I got back, showered, and then us girls went to get mani’s and pedi’s at the spa inside the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR. Have any of you ever been there? It’s awesome! You can read more about it here.

The Old Front Entrance to the Crescent Hotel

The Crescent sculpture outside the main entrance

Spanish-style Catholic Church looking out from the balcony

When the building was first built, it was a hotel. In 1908, Dr. Baker took it over and transformed the hotel into a hospital and “health resort”, claiming he had the cure for cancer. The pictures below are some images that still hang in the hotel.

Pictures from when Dr. Baker ran the hotel

Dr. Baker’s Hotel


Scary x 2

Creepy, huh? Needless to say, the man wasn’t an actual doctor, hundreds of people died under his “care”,  and he was finally prosecuted by the federal government for false claims that he could cure cancer. He defrauded so many people just to make a profit. You can read more of this store here. It is truly creepy.

View from the balcony

The views from the upper balconies though, are spectacular.

Balcony view

Balcony view

The hotel grounds

After we looked around the hotel for a little while, it was time for our spa appointments. Let me just say, it was ahhhh- mazin’.

Mani’s and Pedi’s at the New Moon Day Spa and Salon in the hotel

The Garden Bistro! Delicious, locally grown, organic food prepared fresh every day!

After our spa appointments, we ate lunch at The Garden Bistro. This place is delicious!

Tropical rum punch made with fresh juice! YUM!

The hummus and veggie plate! Delish!

While we were out, the boys took the kids out on the boat and had a great time! When we got back to the house, the guys went golfing and this is what happened.

The kids were tuckered out. 😉



It was an awesome day with absolutely perfect weather! See you tomorrow with more pics from our trip!


Thursday randomness…


1.) “Boyfriend” – Justin Bieber

Yeah, I downloaded this song on itunes and I love it. Don’t judge – I got Bieber fever – and I like it.


2.) I preparation for going out of town this weekend, I made sure I cleaned out my fridge so I wouldn’t come home to any “surprises”. I had stuff leftover from Sunday to make this (Thanks Ree!)

and this. So we had breakfast casserole and mini blackberry cobbler’s last night…soooo amazing! The cobbler’s were so cute because I made 5 little ramekins so each person could have their own, then I brought the other two with me to work today so I could share with two of my work friends. Blackberry cobbler makes everything better. 🙂

 Sausage and Cheese Crescent Squares Recipe

I omitted the cheddar cheese and included 6 eggs in there as well. Probably one of my favorite meals.  I could eat it at any time of day, breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Delish!

3.) Thursday’s are one of my favorite nights of the week because two of my favorite shows are on:

Vampire Diaries

and The Secret Circle. Too bad the season finale for both shows was last week. I have no idea what to do with myself now.

Again, don’t judge me. I can’t help but love these mini-supernatural soap opera’s. I just do.

4.) I’m so excited for next weekend, you know why? Because I get to go here!

I’m ready to take a gigantic bite outta the Big Apple!

5.) My favorite perfume:

Dior - Miss Dior Eau de Parfum

I LOOOOOOOVE the scent…it’s one of my absolute favorites. I bought my first bottle of this when I was a sophomore in college and I loved it so much! I wore it everywhere! Unfortunately, someone with no soul stole it from me and I never recovered. I just now worked up the urge to blow another $80+ on a new one.

**Whoever stole my bottle of this back in 2007, if you’re reading this, I’m still mad at you. The End.**

Well that’s it for today’s randomness. There is a lot more where that came from. You’re welcome. 😉

Diez de Mayo


I celebrated Cinco de Mayo at the wineries, not the traditional way, but better than nothing at all! Smile  After work yesterday, I called up one of my besties, Megan, to see what she was up to and if she wanted to go for a walk. She did, and I was happy! Open-mouthed smile


Riley is in a wedding this weekend, so he was with his dad at the rehearsal dinner last night. This left me with extra time to pretty much do whatever I wanted to. Ryan had some stuff to do, so he took a rain check on the walk.

I met Meg at 5:30 for our walk halfway between our two houses, which just happens to be right on the beautiful Lake St. Louis. I love walking/running this route because it’s scenic, shady, and challenging because of all the hills.

DSCN0333                     DSCN0334                       DSCN0336

We walked six long miles and ran up the hills for a burst of cardio. It was really nice! We got our sweat on and got to catch up with what’s going on in each others lives! I love that girl!

Once we got back to our cars, we decided we were so famished from our walk, that we needed to rehydrate as soon as possible. You know, to prevent cramping and promote muscle recovery.

DSCN0337                         DSCN0339

How’d that pitcher of Bud Light get in there? Hmmm…. Winking smile  We work out really hard so we can drink beer. What can I say? You know where my priorities lie….

While we drank and munched, a little critter decided to show up for the party too.


There were some people throwing food at it, trying to make it go away. Yeah….because giving it food is really going to make it scared and run away. Sometimes I wonder about people…for reals.

All in all, my legs were surprisingly sore from our walk, and I liked it! Open-mouthed smile The views and the company weren’t so bad either. Winking smile

DSCN0343                 DSCN0344

I have a wedding tomorrow, so there are sure to be some crazy pics from that! Have a great day everyone!



Breakfast today was a different take on the usual. I ALWAYS eat eggs in the morning. Partly because I love eggs, and partly because my parents get fresh eggs from a friend of theirs that has chickens, and they will bring four dozen at a time to my house once a week.

I used last night’s turkey, beans, tomato, and kale mixture, heated it up in a skillet and added an egg that I scrambled.


I don’t know if you can really see it, but there were two yolks in the one egg that I cracked. I don’t know if it is because they are fresh eggs from organic, free-range chickens, but this is probably the fourth time I have cracked an egg and there have been two yolks in it. Strange…

Once I was sure the egg was cooked, I took my Ezekiel tortilla and smeared a tablespoon of guacamole on it. Ezekial tortilla’s (or anything in the Ezekial product line) are delicious. They are flourless and they are also a complete protein. Since they are made with sprouted grains, which are more easily digested, they pack a nutritional punch.


I then took the egg/turkey mixture and put it inside the tortilla and rolled it up. Mmmm….it was soo good! Completely satisfying and just what I wanted this morning!


After I finished eating, I packed up my snacks and lunch and headed off to work! Smile

DSCN0250                               DSCN0251                                     DSCN0252

After work I went and picked up my little man….I mean, my little Batman. Winking smile


Have a great night!


This is where the magic happens…



What were you expecting?? Winking smile

After the gym, I was in the mood for a delicious but light dinner: filling, versatile, and heavy on the veggies. I immediately thought of stuffed peppers. I went home and started working on my masterpiece.

I started off by taking two packages of ground turkey breast (make sure you buy turkey breast and not just regular ground turkey- regular ground turkey has more fat because the skin is ground up along with the meat – GROSS!) I chopped a small Vidalia onion and added it to a skillet with one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Once the onion was translucent, I added the turkey. As the turkey began to brown, I added in 1 tsp. sea salt, 1 tbsp. garlic pepper, 1 tbsp. chili powder, and 1 tbsp. cumin. Its really important to season the meat as it is cooking so all the flavors can absorb into it. If you do it after it is cooking, it won’t be as flavorful.

After the turkey was cooked through, I took a can of reduced sodium black beans and a can of reduced sodium diced tomatoes and added them into the mix.

DSCN0235 Mmm…yummy! But wait- I made it even MORE delicious! I told you that I wanted a dish that was heavy on the veggies…I also wanted it to be a green and to be able to hold it’s own in the dish. So what did I choose?

Why KALE, of course! Open-mouthed smile I added two cups of chopped kale to the mix, along with 1/4 cup of reduced sodium chicken broth so the kale could wilt and become tender.


Looks like a lot, but trust me, once it wilted, it greatly reduced in size. See?


I then took my four organic peppers, cut the tops, and took out the ribs (the insides of the pepper- be sure to get all the seeds out).

DSCN0230                                 DSCN0234

Note* I always buy organic peppers. I’ve found that non-organic peppers definitely have a chemical taste to them. ICK! Believe me, the taste of chemicals would ruin this dish…or any dish for that matter.

Once my peppers were prepared, I loaded them up with the turkey mixture, and threw them in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes. You may, or may not, want to cook the peppers for more or less time. I prefer my peppers to still have a little texture and not be mushy…so 20 minutes is perfect for me. Also, you may be thinking “Julie, that sure looks like a lot of filling for four measly peppers.” And you’re right, it is. But rest assured, dear friends, I have other plans for the remainder of the filling…I’m thinking egg burritos and tacos. Tasty!


While the peppers were baking, I prepared some delicious guacamole with fresh lime juice and yellow Sunburst tomatoes (my favorite!). After 20 minutes, I pulled those babies out! Instead of cheese as a topping, I put a dollop of guac and garnished with a Sunburst tomato. The guac adds amazing richness and tang to the peppers- avocado is nature’s mayonnaise after all! Except it is WAY better for you. Just keep in mind that you need to watch how much avocado/guac you intake. While it is rich in Omega-3’s, it is also high in calories.

DSCN0243                                   DSCN0244

Oh hey! What’s that you say? Why is there a box of Band Aid’s and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the background? Well, funny you should ask, my friends. You see the guac on my delicious, innocent pepper? Well, the avocado decided to give me some trouble and I straight up stabbed myself in the hand trying to get the seed out. Yeah, I have no idea how it even happened…I was traumatized though and immediately made Ryan fetch me medicine, bandages, and chocolate. Immediate consumption of chocolate is standard procedure when you stab yourself, right? I thought so, AMA, take note!

Avocado: 1

Julie: 0

Regardless of the stabbing, I managed to haphazardly eat my dinner, and let me tell you, IT WAS DELICIOUS!! I hope you enjoy this recipe cause I know I will definitely be making it again! Have a great night!


Weekend and Surprise Tornado’s


Good evening! I hope you all had a lovely day!

This morning’s breakfast wasn’t anything special, just a whole wheat bagel with almond butter and half of a very sad looking banana (which I don’t have pictures of).

Since I have a full-time day job, it’s a little difficult to take pictures without someone in my office thinking I’m either crazy or saying I’m violating HIPPA – and trust me, I DO NOT want anyone saying that! That would be bad news bears. I DID manage to snap one pic today though: my beautiful salad that I had for lunch!


Greens with grilled asparagus, grilled chicken, grapes, strawberries, and a dash of balsamic vinegar. (I’m not the biggest dressing-eater, so usually a little lemon juice or vinegar, and salt and pepper will do it for me.)

As you know, this weekend was the end to my three-year racing hiatus. After the race, I headed home to shower and Ryan and I went to meet up with our best friends, Megan and Bryan (who are married), for lunch. Since Riley was at his dad’s this weekend, Ryan and I took the opportunity to relax.


After showering, Ry and I headed to a local Irish pub called McGurks.


The weather, contrary to what the news had been saying all week, was actually delightful: sunny, warm, and breezy. So we decided to take full advantage of the really beautiful outdoor bar and patio at McGurk’s.

DSCN0185                         DSCN0186                               DSCN0187

Post race brews were enjoyed…


Along with a tasty salad that had a delicious portabella mushroom on top. Sooooo good!


After some delicious food, a few beers, and a photo shoot…we decided to head back to Bry and Meg’s to BBQ and play bags (or corn hole- whatever you wanna call it).

DSCN0180                          DSCN0182                           DSCN0183

Right as we were leaving, the weather turned a little ugly and it started to rain. Sad smile  So we decided to make the most of it and use the good ol’ fashion oven to cook our food. We had chicken and veggie kabob’s, fresh corn on the cob, and delicious baked sweet potato wedges with cinnamon, sea salt, and finished with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

After dinner, we decided to play some games! But little did we know, crazy weather was on it’s way! What started out like this:

DSCN0188                         DSCN0190                         DSCN0189

Quickly turned to this:

DSCN0192                               DSCN0194

And ended with the tornado sirens going off and all of us scrambling to the basement for cover. When we walked outside after the sirens went off, this is what we found: golf ball-size hail!!! (My poor car!!! Sad smile)


Afterwards,  Ryan inspected my car for hail damage and it was very minimal. Our house wasn’t so lucky though. Sad smile  After I determined Riley was okay and the storms had passed, I could relax again. Ryan and I played a few games of Farkle (have any of you ever played this game?! It’s SOOO much fun!) and decided to call it a night.  All in all, a joyous weekend!

See you all tomorrow!!