The Best of The Lou, Part 1


As you all know, I live in the St. Louis area. I love my city and I’m proud of where I come from.  St. Louis isn’t a huge city like L.A. or NYC, it doesn’t have crazy attractions like Vegas, and it’s probably not even within the first 50 or 100 cities/places that pop into people’s minds when they are thinking of places to vacation…and that’s okay because I’ll let you in on a little secret: St. Louis has a ton of stuff to offer!

Here is my first list (of many) of The Best of Lou: places to see and things to do whether you’re a first-time visitor, or if you’ve lived here all your life.

1.) Go see a Cardinal’s game!

There’s a reason why St. Louisan’s are known as “The Best Fans in Baseball”. Go check out our ten-time World Champion team! 😀


2.) The Gateway Arch

Built as a monument to westward expansion, the Gateway Arch is Missouri’s tallest accessible building. Yes, you can go all the way up to the top of that thing…cool, huh?


3.) Crown Candy Kitchen

One of St. Louis’s oldest and most popular attractions. A vintage feel with a REAL soda fountain, amazing malts, and delicious food. You’ll feel like you were transported back in time! But get there early because as soon as the doors open, there is already a line at the door. Have a milkshake for me! 😉


4.) The St. Louis Zoo

One of the nation’s leading zoological parks, the St. Louis Zoo offers a multitude of things to do and it’s one of the cities many FREE attractions!


5.) The City Museum

Don’t be fooled by the name, although we do have plenty of traditional museum’s as well, the City Museum is a playground for children, and for children at heart! 😉 One of my personal favorite things to do! The City Museum is a giant playground filled with caves, slides and climbing apparatus made from recycled and found objects.

Yes, you can actually slide down those!

 The outdoor jungle gym…SO. AWESOME!!

6.) The Botanical Garden

 79 acres of lush, beautiful landscapes featuring architecture, greenhouses, and conservatories. The St. Louis Botanical Garden is the oldest in the country. 


7.) The Delmar Loop (locals just call it “The Loop”)

This six-block entertainment and shopping district is packed with hip bars, eclectic restaurants, live music venues, vintage clothing boutiques and a Hollywood-inspired walk of fame featuring St. Louis celebrities.


8.) The Muny

The nation’s oldest and largest outdoor theater, The Muny hosts some of Broadway’s best  during the months of June – August. DEFINITELY a MUST SEE!


9.) The Hill

St. Louis’s own “Little Italy”. The Hill is littered with Italian bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores, salons, and bocce gardens. Mmm, pasta. 😉


10.) Forest Park

The site of the 1904 World’s Fair, Forest Park is one of the nations largest urban park’s. It also houses a number of other St. Louis attractions (which I will dig into in another post).

I hope after this post, St. Louis will be on your radar when you are considering your next vacation. There are certainly a lot more things to do in St. Louis, but I hope this gets you started. 😀


About Running and Riley

Hello! My name is Julie. I'm a mother, working professional, aspiring runner, dancing and music addict, and general goof ball. I'm by no means a professional blogger...or writer...or photographer (wait, why am I blogging again? Just kidding!), so please excuse the many grammatical errors that are sure to appear on my little blog. I started runningandriley to chronicle some of my life's events, keep track of my workouts, and maybe inspire a few people along the way to live every day to the fullest! So welcome and I hope you join me on this journey! Love, Julie

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