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Weekend and Surprise Tornado’s


Good evening! I hope you all had a lovely day!

This morning’s breakfast wasn’t anything special, just a whole wheat bagel with almond butter and half of a very sad looking banana (which I don’t have pictures of).

Since I have a full-time day job, it’s a little difficult to take pictures without someone in my office thinking I’m either crazy or saying I’m violating HIPPA – and trust me, I DO NOT want anyone saying that! That would be bad news bears. I DID manage to snap one pic today though: my beautiful salad that I had for lunch!


Greens with grilled asparagus, grilled chicken, grapes, strawberries, and a dash of balsamic vinegar. (I’m not the biggest dressing-eater, so usually a little lemon juice or vinegar, and salt and pepper will do it for me.)

As you know, this weekend was the end to my three-year racing hiatus. After the race, I headed home to shower and Ryan and I went to meet up with our best friends, Megan and Bryan (who are married), for lunch. Since Riley was at his dad’s this weekend, Ryan and I took the opportunity to relax.


After showering, Ry and I headed to a local Irish pub called McGurks.


The weather, contrary to what the news had been saying all week, was actually delightful: sunny, warm, and breezy. So we decided to take full advantage of the really beautiful outdoor bar and patio at McGurk’s.

DSCN0185                         DSCN0186                               DSCN0187

Post race brews were enjoyed…


Along with a tasty salad that had a delicious portabella mushroom on top. Sooooo good!


After some delicious food, a few beers, and a photo shoot…we decided to head back to Bry and Meg’s to BBQ and play bags (or corn hole- whatever you wanna call it).

DSCN0180                          DSCN0182                           DSCN0183

Right as we were leaving, the weather turned a little ugly and it started to rain. Sad smile  So we decided to make the most of it and use the good ol’ fashion oven to cook our food. We had chicken and veggie kabob’s, fresh corn on the cob, and delicious baked sweet potato wedges with cinnamon, sea salt, and finished with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

After dinner, we decided to play some games! But little did we know, crazy weather was on it’s way! What started out like this:

DSCN0188                         DSCN0190                         DSCN0189

Quickly turned to this:

DSCN0192                               DSCN0194

And ended with the tornado sirens going off and all of us scrambling to the basement for cover. When we walked outside after the sirens went off, this is what we found: golf ball-size hail!!! (My poor car!!! Sad smile)


Afterwards,  Ryan inspected my car for hail damage and it was very minimal. Our house wasn’t so lucky though. Sad smile  After I determined Riley was okay and the storms had passed, I could relax again. Ryan and I played a few games of Farkle (have any of you ever played this game?! It’s SOOO much fun!) and decided to call it a night.  All in all, a joyous weekend!

See you all tomorrow!!


SCC 10K Fun Run Race Recap


Yesterday was my first race in three years. The news predicted that the weather would be less than ideal: gloomy, cold, and rainy. Not exactly prime racing weather. Therefore, I put on my favorite black, long-sleeved, dri-fit tech shirt, and black pants. The race was scheduled to start at 7:30, so I woke up at 5:00 in order to eat breakfast and to make sure that I had everything I needed. On the list: headphones, iPhone, and iPhone running case.

After I determined that I had everything together that I needed, I made my pre-race breakfast of a plain white bagel and banana.


Banana’s are race fuel too! Winking smile I also had some much needed caffeine in the form of coffee. Ready to race!!


After breakfast, I gathered my things and headed to the race. I got the race 30 minutes prior to it starting – just enough time to grab my packet from the expo. I didn’t bring my camera with me at the race – so unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures. Sad smile

Any who! Back to the recap. I had managed to take a couple minutes beforehand to do some knee-high’s, butt-kick’s, and stretching. I made my way over to the start and immediately went to the back of the line. I knew there were much faster people there than I, and didn’t want to be herded like cattle through the start.

At 7:30 sharp, the horn went off and the race began! My strategy for this race was to keep a steady pace and kick it up a notch in the end to finish strong. I’ve ran too many races where I’ve gotten caught up in the excitement of it all, which meant I started out too fast and burned out towards the end. I wanted to PR (personal record) for this race, but mostly, I just wanted to run the whole thing without walking or stopping and to finish strong!

The course itself was rolling to flat, with a couple of hills thrown in. The first mile was a loop around the campus and passed by really quickly. Remember how I said the weather was supposed to be gloomy, rainy, and cold and that’s why I wore pants and my black tech shirt? Yeah- well the weatherman lied. I immediately regretted that decision within half a mile as the sun was beating down on me.

Mile two was probably one of the hardest miles for me because 3/4 of it was a steady, uphill climb. The elevation wasn’t very steep- but it was loooooong. I saw SO many people walking up it. (I don’t particularly enjoy hills, but thank goodness I force myself to run routes that have hills!) That gave me the push I needed to keep going and I managed to pass quite a few people. Every time I passed someone, it just made me want to keep running that much more.

Miles three through four were  rolling hills through a historic area of Cottleville, MO. Those two miles were littered with cobblestone streets, cute boutiques, and dainty restaurants and pubs. Miles three and four were probably my favorite because it was scenic and a nice distraction.

When I saw the marker for mile five, I knew I had just enough juice for me to pick up the pace from 10:00 to 9:00 min/mile. Mile five seemed really long. It was completely flat, but wasn’t scenic, wound along a busy road, and I was already super duper hot. Not my fav.

Finally, the end was in sight! As I approached the finish line, I saw so many people cheering and waving! It really was inspirational! I sprinted the last tenth of the mile and ran through the finish. My official time was 1:05:17. I PR’D by over 15 minutes! I finished 196th out of 270 runners. Not bad for starting at the very back of the pack! Winking smile 

Afterwards, I joined in with everyone else and enjoyed an ice cold bottle of water, a few pretzel’s, and a DELICIOUS smoothie from Smoothie King (one of the sponsors). It was AMAZING!

Overall, I really enjoyed this race, the course, and the camaraderie- a perfect end to my racing hiatus, and a perfect beginning to the spring and summer racing season! I can’t wait to sign up for more races!


Hello world!


Helloooooooo World! My name is Julie. Thanks for visiting!The pucks and her mommy

I’m sure most people start blogs thinking that no one will ever read them – I can tell you that I’m no different. It really is a strange feeling to know that you are exposing your life to complete strangers all over the world (no pressure!). For my first post, I’d like to disclose 10 things about me that everyone should probably know:

1.) I grew up in a small, rural town in Missouri. I have two brothers – one older, one younger (Yes, I am the middle child. Even though I’m the middle child, I am the only girl-Riley and mommy, summer 2010 so it had its perks).

2.) I love to laugh and will jump at any opportunity to do so.

3.) I am the proud mother of the most wonderful, smart, clever, sweetest little boy in the world (I’m biased, but hey, what can ya do?)

4.) I’m obsessed with dancing and music. I will never, EVER turn down a good dance party or karaoke sesh. I pretty much like any kind of music- from Indie to Rock,  and Hip-Hop to Pop. My true loves will always be old school Country and Classic Rock though!!!!!

5.) I LOOOOVE to cook and can’t live without vegetables and chocolate (not together…that would just be wrong, soooo wrong).

6.) My mind goes a mile a minute and I’m constantly thinking of (and saying) the most random things.

7.) I LOVE baseball and since I’m from Missouri you can probably imagine what team I cheer for: the ONE and ONLY- ST. LOUIS CARDINALS!!

8.) I have an 8 pound Pekatese named Chloe, but she goes by many names : Scoogies, Puckies, The Pucks, Boo-Boos, Herbie Hancock (?), Pookie-Doo…yes, I AM one of those people and I don’t care what anyone says – dogs love it when they have multiple names and you speak to them in a high-pitched voice. They really respond well to it. The scoogies

9.) I’ve played sports all my life, mainly basketball and softball, but there was a brief encounter with soccer when I was like seven. After enduring three games of select soccer where throngs of girls chased a ball around a field for thirty minutes, I decided that soccer just wasn’t the sport for me. The only thing that got me through those three games were the snacks at half-time…you can see where my priorities lie.

10.) Finally, I am constantly trying to better myself–whether that means putting in extra hours at the gym, cleaning up my eats, or something as simple as being a better listener. These are the things that this little blog will touch on; with some random, crazy stuff thrown in there for good measure.

I hope you enjoy and find motivation, inspiration, humor, and enlightenment in this blog. Looking forward to what is to come!

P.S. – I’m running my first timed 10K race tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!

Workout: rest day in preparation for tomorrow’s race! 🙂